Join the new Quantitative Research Methods Network

CCCU staff are invited to join the newly created Quantitative Research Methods Network.  This is an opportunity to support, develop and coordinate the use of quantitative research methods and statistics throughout the University.

The main aims of the network at this stage are to:

  • create a database of available skills and associated researchers
  • organise training and dissemination events.
  • widen the number of researchers who benefit from and engage with quantitative methodologies, including starting with our research student community
  • encourage communication and consultation between members of staff who share interests and expertise in quantitative approaches.
  • provide standardised or personalised training courses for some of our existing business partners
  • offer consultancy and partnership with regards to research design, data collection and data analysis for businesses and industry sectors.

The QRM will initially function mostly as an on-line virtual group using our newly created Blackboard platform to communicate, collate information and resources, discuss issues and plan development. However, members will also have the opportunity to meet once a term at RKE Forum meetings.

If you are interested, please email simply stating your interest in joining the network.

You will then be enrolled to the QRM Network Blackboard.   Soon after your enrolment you will receive an invitation to fill in an a survey aimed at collecting information about members’ experience, training needs and aspirations with regards to a variety of statistical analyses, software packages and methodological approaches.


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