Meet the RED Team: Sabina Hulbert, Statistics & Quantitative Methods Support

Sabina HulbertHello, I’m Sabina Hulbert and my role is mainly to provide consultancy around Quantitative Research Methods and Statistics.

This service has developed hugely in the 3 years since I started and can vary from, for example:

  • taught sessions (which form part of the Staff Development Programme and the Researcher Development Programme)
  • bespoke workshops on additional topics (negotiated with Schools and research centres)
  • one-to-one meetings with individual researchers.

I am consulted on methodological and analytical issues at different stages of research projects.  These could be early stages of research planning and bid writing, data collection and data analysis but also at later stages when publication and dissemination in general needs to be enhanced.

Future developments will focus on the coordination of a Quantitative Research Methods Network.  This is a group of researchers at CCCU interested in discussing and developing their expertise in quantitative research methods for Research and Knowledge Exchange purposes.

I am also involved in the coordination of the RKE Forums.  These are university-wide open meetings dedicated to the discussion of research and KE related issues and developments, such as the organisational support needed by Early Career Researchers.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about these topics, please contact me


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