Open Access to Research Data

Last week, RED’s Sabina Hulbert attended a Westminster Briefing event on Open Access to Research Data.

This event was aimed at the dissemination of information surrounding the issue of Open Access to Research Data: that is, the sharing of data generated from research activities that are publicly funded. At the moment there are no government guidelines or requirements attached to the practice around Research Data Management.  However there is growing consensus for and practice around the sharing of research data.

The morning sessions were aimed at discussing existing policy proposals and were led by representatives from HEFCE, RCUK, University of Cambridge and the Nature Publishing group. Presentations and discussions focussed on:

  • understanding the governmental, funder and sector perspectives
  • presenting the RCUK’s Concordat on Open Research Data
  • discussing issues of accessibility, reproduction, validation and verification of research results
  • working and communicating with the academic community regarding open data and their research.

The afternoon session presented the contributions of three institutions that have already made significant progress in their implementation of a Research Data Management Programme: University of Sussex, University of Southampton and University of Glasgow.

All the slides used on the day are available through the Quantitative Research Methods Network Blackboard or by request from



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