Leverhulme Trust Advice

We’ve just had an email from the Leverhulme Trust which offers notes to institutional approvers on some of the common errors made by applicants to their Research Project Grant scheme, which may prevent an application being accepted.

The Leverhulme Trust is one of several funders that require the applicant’s institution to approve the application via an online system prior to acceptance.  If you’re considering applying to Leverhulme Trust, or any other funder, please contact your faculty RKEDM early to find out if there are any specific procedures you need to follow for that funder.

Your Research and Knowledge Exchange Development Manager (RKEDM) will:

  • be able to advise on the funder’s processes and help determine an appropriate internal deadline for your application to allow approval processs to be followed
  • probably have previous experience of applying to that funder so can offer guidance on ‘what works’ and provide you with examples of previous applications
  • support you to develop a project that adheres to the funder’s guidance
  • check and review draft applications before submission to ensure the funder’s guidance has been followed.

Contact: RED.RKEdevelopment@canterbury.ac.uk.

Leverhulme Trust Advice

“…These are some of the errors most commonly made by applicants, which often result in an application being returned to them and so causing a delay in this being processed.…

  • Applicants should only use their institutional email address, personal addresses are not allowable.
  • Principal and co-applicants cannot claim for direct salary costs for themselves nor be a consultant, research assistant, local researcher or PhD student.
  • There must be at least one research assistant, local researcher or PhD student working for at least 50% in each year of the grant.
  • Percentages must be based on the time spent on the project as a whole, not yearly. For example a research assistant working on a project for 100% would need to have 100% salary costs in every year, not just one.
  • Replacement teaching must not exceed 33% on any grant, this equals a third of the time of any project, e.g. 1 year on a 3 year grant.
  • Consultants must be named and be crucial to the project, they cannot claim a salary only a reasonable fee.
  • If you are requesting administration/secretarial/technician/technical assistance then this must be listed under associated costs.
  • We do not provide funding for setting up a conference, only to attend ones relevant to the research being undertaken.
  • Associated costs such as travel, subsistence and accommodation can only be provided for those listed on the application (e.g. principal applicant, co-applicant/s, research assistants, local researchers, PhD students and consultants).”

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