NIHR Research Programmes

Obtaining NIHR funding and the application process

Monday 25 April 2016, University of Oxford

Considering a NIHR research application?  The NIHR is running a free event to help you submit applications. 

The event will;

• Provide an overview of the NIHR and its research programmes

• Make researchers aware of the funding application process

• Provide hints and tips on how to make a successful application

• Highlight the support available to you within the NIHR

• Highlight the importance of considering PPI, and submitting a financial cost


• Give you an opportunity to discuss individual project ideas with NIHR advisors

The day will have a particular focus on the following NIHR programmes:

Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation (EME) Programme

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Programme

Public Health Research (PHR) Programme

A Chief Investigator will also present a case study of the ‘Life cycle of a research idea’;

highlighting the story of a research project they have been involved in.

Sign up by completing the

Expression of interest form.


For more details about the day

view the Programme




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