Moth International Short Story Prize 2016 Now Receiving Entries

Entries are welcome from applicants who have written an original, high quality short story.  This competition will be judged by bestselling writer John Boyne.

The Moth International Short Story Prize 2016 is now open and is receiving applications. Entries should be original short stories which do not exceed the word limit of 6,000. These short stories must not have already been published elsewhere, in any format. This competition is open to anybody from anywhere in the world who wishes to submit an original short story. Applicants may submit as many stories as they wish although it should be noted that there is a set entry fee of €12.00 per submitted per story.

The first prize for this competition will be a monetary award worth €3,000. The second prize will be the opportunity to partake in a week-long writing retreat at the Circle of Misse in France. This prize also includes a sum of €250 for the purposes of covering travel costs during this retreat. The third prize is a monetary sum of €1,000. The prize winning stories will also be published in the autumn 2016 issue of The Moth.

The name or personal address of the writer should not appear anywhere on the same page as the submitted story. Applicants should ensure that they keep a copy of their entry, as entries will not be returned to the sender. The judge’s decision regarding winning entries is final and cannot be contested. This year, the competition will be judged by award winning Irish writer John Boyne. Boyne is perhaps best known for his bestselling novel The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

The entry form for this competition can be found online and can be submitted either online or through the post. Prospective applicants who wish to apply by post should type the entry form digitally, print it and then send it The Moth Magazine office, along with a cheque for the relevant amount. Applicants who are applying online can pay their entry fee through PayPal. Winners will be notified by the end of July 2016 and will be announced during September 2016. Further information can be found on The Moth website

The deadline for this scheme will be 30 June 2016.


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