Research Impact: Delivering Excellence

Tuesday 5th July 2016 – Manchester Conference Centre

Research Impact: Delivering Excellence will explore REF case studies and testimonials to help universities effectively measure and evidence impact, offering practical guidance on delivering high quality submissions across disciplines, institutions and projects.

As announced in the current Spending Review, the UK government is taking forward a review of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) that is being led by Lord Stern. The review will draw on evaluation from the previous REF exercise to ensure future university research funding is allocated more efficiently, offers greater rewards for excellence and reduces the administrative burden on institutions. This will follow Sir Paul Nurse’s late 2015 review that recommended better management of cross-cutting funding for interdisciplinary research and formation of overall research strategies and priorities for the UK. So what will the future of research funding and evaluation look like and how can institutions continue to deliver excellence? Are other models of research evaluation likely to emerge?

Over 290 delegates attended Research Impact in 2015 with 75% of Russell Group Universities represented and 85% of all attendees representing the top 50 Universities in UK. This year’s event promises to be even bigger and better with interactive breakout sessions, practical working groups and leading stakeholder presentations designed to help higher education institutions improve REF implications, processes and interdisciplinary research.


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