CCCU Public Lecture

Last night I attended the first Public Lecture in this year’s series and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Not only was Felicity Aston a wonderfully eloquent and entertaining speaker reaching out to a very varied audience (my husband and myself brought along my 70 years old mother and our 12-year-old daughter), but she also gave evidence of being a true scientist! In the last few years, one of the most challenging aspects of my job within the Research and Enterprise Development Centre has been the need to promote an interdisciplinary approach to research and to support dialogue between disciplines.  Felicity managed to show us all how her mission to understand nature in all its forms, to investigate extreme meteorological conditions, to account and prepare for different technical challenges goes hand in hand with the need to understand people’s behaviour, to communicate with different individuals and to investigate human dynamics.  Her expertise and interests ranged from chemistry, to geography, ecology and all the way to psychology and lots more. A wonderfully inspiring example of a truly rounded SCIENTIST!

Dr. Sabina Hulbert



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