ProfsDo3MT, Wednesday 21st March, 1-2pm, Lg16

Learn about their research. Watch them sweat.  YOU vote for the winner

On Wednesday 21st March, 1-2pm (Lg16) the Postgraduate Research Association (PGRA), the Graduate School, and Research & Enterprise are jointly hosting a 3 Minute Thesis event that will be competed in by Professors from across all four Faculties. A full line-up is below.

The event aims to develop an understanding of different research at the university amongst our professoriate, to develop our wider research culture at the university, and to raise money for sport relief.

For those unfamiliar with the 3 Minute Thesis, it is an event that doctoral students take part in annually, which challenges them to explain their research using a single, static PowerPoint slide in only 3 minutes. This year we are challenging our professoriate to do the same! No waffling allowed!

Please come along to learn about their research and vote for your favourite presentation!

Krum, the SU President, will be hosting the event and the judging panel will be comprised of students from the PGRA including previous 3MT doctoral student winners. There will also be an audience choice vote where you can vote for your favourite presentation.

Donations on the door for sport relief. No booking required. No egging from the audience but gentle heckling might be allowed. Given it is sport relief, you might also expect to see some red and yellow cards dished out…

Current Line-Up:

Professor Mike Weed, Applied Policy Science and PVC Research & Enterprise (Faculty of Social & Applied Sciences)

Professor Amelia Hadfield, European and International Relations (Faculty of Social & Applied Sciences)

Professor Eleni Hatzidimitriadou, Community Psychology (Faculty of Health & Wellbeing)

Professor Jackie Eales, History (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)

Professor Carolyn Oulton, English Literature (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)

Professor Trevor Cooling, Christian Education (Faculty of Education)

Professor Berry Billingsley, Science Education (Faculty of Education)
Professor Doug MacInnes, Mental Health (Faculty of Health & Wellbeing)


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