Nesta Newsletter May 2018

The Future of People Powered Health 2018 –  Power in health and care is changing. Demands are increasing for knowledge, decisions and control to be shared among citizens, professionals, communities, frontline staff and senior leaders. What if, working together, we could find and harness the power to improve health, care and wellbeing for everyone?    For the full article please click here

Innovation in the Future of Emergency Care 23/05/18 – Join policymakers, practitioners and other emergency services leaders who are shaping the future of health and social care, to learn about the work of Nesta grantee, GoodSAM, an emergency response app that’s saving lives. Register your interest.

FutureFest 2018 6-7/07/18 –  Nesta’s flagship festival is returning to Tobacco Dock in London, giving you the chance to hear directly from those putting emerging ideas into practice across democracy and government, work, health, education and the arts. Get your ticket here.


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