Faculty of Health & Wellbeing’s Research & Enterprise Newsletter.

Welcome to the third issue of the Faculty of Health & Wellbeing’s Research & Enterprise Newsletter

Our Research and Enterprise work is continuing to grow in volume and outputs as more research and enterprise projects are starting off. Our European project teams have been busy with meetings at CCCU and Europe, exciting fieldwork and writing up of the first project reports and conference presentations. We are very proud of the achievements and national recognition of our Early Career Researchers as well as the growing number of national and international peer-reviewed journal papers published by colleagues across the Faculty. As a University and Faculty, we are thrilled by the news of the New Kent and Medway Medical School, which will open up new horizons for health and social care research and innovation with our regional stakeholders so watch this space! I hope you enjoy reading this issue and we look forward to seeing at our forthcoming events and seminars. Professor Eleni Hatzidimitriadou, Head of Research and Enterprise

INSIDE THIS ISSUE Faculty RE Newletter_issue 3
News & Events 2
Our Impact 4
Project Updates 5
RKE Awards 6
Publications 8
Finding Funding 9
Funding Successes 10
Research Hubs Update 12


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