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The Health Foundation Newsletter

COVID-19 – the big questions and emerging trends – As coronavirus continues to dominate all aspects of our lives, organisations are moving from immediate response to more long-term planning. We look at some of the big questions framing the Health Foundation’s work around COVID-19, and provide a round up of the analysis and insights emerging so far about the impact the pandemic is having on health services and on our society.

Funding, news and events We announce a new COVID-19 research programme, plus THIS Institute is launching a series of new research fellowships to support the COVID-19 response. Also don’t miss our long read on waiting times, and a chance to register for HSR UK 2020, which will now take place online.  Click here for more information.


Live Q&A Session by the PVC (Research and Enterprise)

The PVC (Research and Enterprise), Professor Mike Weed, held a Live Question and Answer session on Research on 6 May 2020.

Here are some Questions and Answers from the session:

Question: Where is the most up-to-date information on Research and Funding at CCCU; I have found quite a few but am wondering which is the most current? Continue reading Live Q&A Session by the PVC (Research and Enterprise)

Nesta Newsletter

Beyond the crisis: The future we choose after COVID-19 – How might things change after the pandemic? Many commentators have rushed in with warnings and forecasts about the world that awaits us.

At Nesta, we’ve stopped short of making predictions, given that the context is so fluid. But what are the possible futures thrown up by the crisis?

The first essay in our new series looks at lessons from the response so far. The second explores the different scenarios that could emerge, depending on whether recovery brings continuity or change.

It’s easy to view the eventual outcome as being beyond our control but now, more than ever before, we have an opportunity to come together and make choices about the country we want to live in, using new ways of unlocking public imagination about the future.

COVID-19: A catalyst for change in local government? –  As councils strain under the immense pressure of supporting vulnerable people during lockdown, new ways of working are emerging. Which of these changes are positive and should endure, and which should be left behind as we move out of the crisis?

NIHR Funding Opportunities

Latest funding opportunities

COVID-19 Rapid Response Rolling Call
COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) research on epidemiology
COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) research on transmission, risk factors and seroprevalence

NIHR Academy
Development and Skills Enhancement Award Round 4

Evidence Synthesis Programme
20/39 Research Proposals: Production of Technology Assessment Reviews (TARs) for the NIHR

Health Services and Delivery Research Programme
20/42 HS&DR oral and dental health

Health Technology Assessment Programme
20/22 Rectus sheath blockade in emergency laparotomy
20/37 Health Technology Assessment Programme Researcher-led (evidence synthesis)
20/38 Health Technology Assessment Programme Researcher-led (primary research)
20/40 HTA oral and dental health

Public Health Research Programme
20/41 PHR oral and dental health

View the full list of funding opportunities on our website.


We invite you to participate in next leadership broadcast and live Q&A session on Research Opportunities and Funding, this Wednesday, 6 May, from 1.30pm to 2pm.

The session will be led by Professor Mike Weed, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Enterprise).  It will cover the continuation of research during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as highlighting new opportunities for research collaboration and funding, and the ways our research can support the response to COVID-19.  The session will be relevant to both staff and postgraduate research students. A brief introduction and overview will be followed by an open text-based Q&A session for all colleagues.

To participate live, or watch the video after the event, simply launch the event below. You can join with your Christ Church account from a web browser or via the Microsoft Teams desktop and mobile apps.  To save the date, add to your calendar with the link below.

Your questions will, in the first instance, be seen by the moderators, who are supporting Mike during the event. Once published by the moderator these will be visible to all participants.

The IT Service Desk will be available on 01227 922626, should you have any difficulty accessing the event on the day.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you on Wednesday.

ical           Live event

Sport England

Sport England Pauses Applications to Two Programmes – Sport England reports that it has experienced a high volume of calls and applications to the Community Emergency Fund due to the current coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis. In response, it has temporarily paused both the Small Grants programme and the Community Asset Fund to new applications.

This has been done for the following reasons:

• It enables the funder to concentrate on the £195 million package of funding that is being developed in response to the coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis.
• Given the current restrictions, many organisations cannot make progress with the projects that are funded under these programmes.

Please note the Community Emergency Fund continues to accept applications until 31 July 2020. Any not-for-profit organisation delivering community sport and physical activity and experiencing short-term financial hardship or the ceasing of operations due to the impact of coronavirus/COVID-19 can hardship or the ceasing of operations due to the impact of coronavirusapply for a grant of between £300 and £10,000 to help them meet their costs before the end of July 2020 . Priority will be given to organisations that work with under-represented groups.

Sport England ‘anticipates being able to reopen the Small Grants Fund and Community Asset Fund in July’.