Project Updates

Using scenarios to reimagine our strategic decisions

The act of imagining multiple, plausible futures can help to give a fresh perspective to an issue. We take a look at how scenarios can improve decision-making, especially in times of uncertainty.

The role of democratic innovation in shaping the COVID-19 recovery
From political institutions going online to teams of fact-checkers verifying health claims, COVID-19 has strengthened calls for new forms of democracy. Our Democracy Pioneers projects are demonstrating the types of innovation needed for democracy to thrive after COVID-19.


About CCCU Research Development

Research Development (RD) is part of the Department of Enterprise, Employability and Research Development. RD is responsible for ensuring that Research and Enterprise is of the highest quality and meets all required internal and external standards, including managing the institutional submission to the Research Excellence Framework (REF). RD leads on development and implementation of the institutional research and enterprise integrity policies, processes and best practice. It also hosts the institutional Staff Researcher Development Programme and the Early Career Researcher Programme SPARC, and is responsible for the annual Research Internship programme. RD provides strategic and targeted support for academic staff to seek and secure funding for their research and innovation activities. This includes identification of core funding opportunities and support for proposal development, alongside strategic advice and support for faculties to develop their research portfolio and capacity.

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