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Delivering and Maintaining the Highest Standards of Research Integrity in HE

This conference is to be held in London on Wednesday April 26th from 11am – 3.30pm, for more details click here

Higher Education Academy January Newsletter

HEA offer conferences, workshops and programmes suitable for all career stages, giving you and your team the chance to attend or take part in events which focus on the challenges currently facing the sector and individual disciplines.  for more information click here

#HealthResearchKent – Kent Wide Research Day

On the 13th January 2017, NHS Research & Development Departments from across Kent will be hosting a health research event at Woolf College in the University of Kent.

The Kent-wide Research Day aims to celebrate health research taking place across Kent. The day will feature plenary sessions, presentations and workshops. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Staff from the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing will be facilitating workshops, and there will be a Canterbury Christ Church stand in the foyer.

The event is free to attend but there are a limited number of places available.

For more information and to register click here

The Health Foundation Newsletter 2016


Standing in someone else’s shoes: empathy and storytelling in health and care

The importance of empathy in delivering health care is well known. But we also need to have empathy for those working in the health service, particularly when our health and social care services are under increasing pressure. This month, we look at what empathy means in the health service and how storytelling can help to capture people’s attention.  To read more click here

Alcohol Research UK

A major review of evidence on alcohol policy and harm reduction has been published.

The public health burden of alcohol: evidence review.  The review looks at the impact of alcohol on the public health and the effectiveness of alcohol control policies. To read the review in full click on the link  http://bit.ly/2g6q60j

Research Professional Updates

For updates including ‘Patten calls on peers to block higher education bill’ click on the link  http://bit.ly/2h2GZO2

For updates including ‘Cabinet Office calls time on ‘gagging clause’ for research’ click on the link http://bit.ly/2h2LDf6

For updates including ‘CRUK plans £226m funding for research centres’ click on the link http://bit.ly/2g5EbQI