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Getting started with your new funded RKE project

Have you recently been awarded funding for an RKE project? Congratulations!

If you’re new to running funded RKE projects at CCCU, you’ll probably have lots of questions on how to get your project up-and-running.  For example:

  • Do I need ethical approval before I start?
  • Who checks and signs the contract(s)?
  • How do I recruit and pay the project staff?
  • How do I get a project code so I can start spending the money?
  • How do I get a press release to promote the project?

RED offers project management advice and support to help get your project set up smoothly.  The essential information is covered in our Project Management Support Pack.  You can also browse the FAQs on our Project Management Support web page.

If you have any other questions or want to know more about managing RKE projects at CCCU, please contact Eileen Terry, RKE Projects Manager .