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RKE Project Set-up Meetings

In response to a need for more support in running RKE projects at CCCU, we’ve recently introduced a new process to help.

When you hear that your project has been successful in securing funding, we’ll arrange a project set-up meeting to discuss what you need to do next and help answer any questions you might have.    Items on the agenda will include: ethics; legal and contract arrangements; finances; recording and reporting; recruitment of staff; marketing; impact; project management; evaluation and sustainability.

We’ll invite key people who can help answer your questions, including: the RKEDM who helped develop your funding application; your management accountant for financial queries; and Eileen Terry (RKE Projects Manager) for general advice and support.  Others will be invited depending on the nature and scale of the project.

This should help you follow correct procedures and enable your project to run smoothly.

If you have any other questions or want to know more about managing RKE projects at CCCU, please contact Eileen Terry, RKE Projects Manager. You can also find out more about project management support on the RED web pages.


Bid Development Procedure Revised

We have recently revised and updated the university’s bid development procedure.

This document provides a set of procedures to ensure proposals to external funders are of the highest quality and that the financial, reputational and capacity implications have been considered prior to submission.

(Please note, a ‘bid’ refers to any form of proposal for external funding. This includes grant proposals, tenders, and business plans to deliver research and knowledge exchange activity, including consultancy and CPD.)

The revisions include:

  • recommended internal deadlines to ensure adequate time for internal approval processes (page 2)
  • holding a project set-up meeting if bids are successful, to enhance project management (page 7)

The procedure document also gives guidance on the peer review process and includes the Peer Review Template.

The revised document is available from the RED web pages here: CCCU Bid Development Procedure

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact your RKE Development Manager.