Monthly Archives: August 2018

Cancer Research UK – changing the eligibility criteria for early- and mid-career fellowships

As an applicant, you’ll benefit from:

• More flexibility to apply for funding when the time is right for you
• A clearer understanding of our expectations when you apply and how we want you to develop during your fellowship
• Greater consistency with other funders to help you compare your options

The competency framework will apply to all fellowship schemes with a preliminary application deadline after August 2018.  Click here for more information

Open Forum Events

SOCIAL CARE REFORM: IMPROVING CARE AND SUPPORT FOR OLDER PEOPLE – 1st November 2018, The Bridgewater Hall Manchester.

This conference will offer delegates the opportunity to discover more about the government’s plans to reform the sector and provide sustainable support for older people.

To improve the provision of adult social care for the older generation the government is laying out plans in a green paper. The proposals in the paper will form a long-term blueprint for social care reform, with a view to establishing a sustainable system, capable of meeting the needs of an ever-increasing aged population.


Click here for more information