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Hall Place Enterprise Centre at Harbledown
Hall Place Enterprise Centre

Welcome to the blog of the Research and Enterprise Development Centre at CCCU (or ‘RED’ for short).

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Funding Opportunities in Health for 2018-2020

Population ageing is one of the greatest social and economic challenges the EU is facing: 37% of the European population is expected to be aged 60 or over by 2050 and 80% of people over 65 have at least one chronic disease. In addition, health problems result in 10% of the population leaving their jobs, which translates to a €240 billion loss in EU productivity (equal to ca. 2% of EU GDP). Without fundamental changes, the OECD estimates health expenditure will rise to over 10% of EU GDP.

The EU has identified four overarching healthcare challenges in the 2018-2020 “Health, demographic change and wellbeing” Work Programme: rising and unsustainable healthcare costs, influence on health of external environmental factors including climate change, risk of losing our ability to protect the population against the threats of infectious diseases, and health inequalities and access to health and care. This last Work Programme for Horizon 2020, includes over 65 topics for a total budget of approx. €2 billion. It is organised into several priority areas including: personalised medicine, decoding the role of the environment for health, infectious diseases and improving global health, innovative healthcare industry, integration of care, digital transformation/eHealth, and big data solutions for cybersecurity in health and care.

For more information, join the Euresearch webinar on these upcoming Health topics on 23 November, or contact your Euresearch Health team. Have you already identified a topic of interest? The Euresearch Health Applicant Training on 14 December in Zurich is your opportunity to obtain valuable information, tools and tips for your proposal!

Higher Education Academy Update

In this issue HEA highlight thier new campaign Teaching Excellence for Student Success #TESS_HE, an online global debate on the opportunities and challenges surrounding teaching in higher education in a rapidly changing world. This global platform provides a chance to learn and share from each other; to better understand the difficulties and successes worldwide, so that excellent teaching at all levels continues to evolve and thrive everywhere.

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The Health Foundation – Newsletter

Fit for the future?

A high performing workforce is essential to delivering sustainable, high quality, and efficient care. However, the NHS and social care workforce is under significant strain. This newsletter digs deeper into some of the biggest challenges, and shares a range of ideas that could help to create a more resilient and integrated workforce.  To read the full articles click here

Higher Education Academy

NET2018 Conference call for abstracts now open

Following last year’s highly successful conference, the call for abstracts for the 29th networking for education in healthcare conference is now open.

Taking place on 4 – 6 September 2018 in Cambridge, #NET2018 offers a complete experience to delegates from across the globe.

Abstracts are invited for:
• Theme paper presentations;
• Symposium presentations;
• Oral poster presentations.

Abstracts should be submitted online by Friday 26 January 2018.

UK-US Early Career Research Collaboration Workshop

Saturday 10th–Sunday 11th February 2018 – 136 Irving Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

The British Academy, in collaboration with the American Academy of Arts & Sciences and the American Philosophical Society, is inviting applications for early career researchers in the humanities and social sciences to attend a research collaboration workshop on the broad theme of violence. The workshop format will enable the exchange of ideas across disciplinary as well as national boundaries with the aim to help create and build exchange, cooperation and partnership between the researchers attending in the short- and long-term.  For more information click here


Largest 300 UK Foundations Awarded £2.9 Billion in Funding

According to the ‘Foundation Giving Trends 2017’, grantmaking by the top 300 foundations reached a record high for the second year, totalling £2.9 billion. This reflected growth of 12%.

Groups that are wondering whether it’s worth applying to one of the top grantmaking foundations in the UK may be surprised to learn that 10 of the top 20 are willing to consider unsolicited applications if they meet the foundation’s objectives.

More information can be found on GRANTfinder